Excalibur is part of the Arcade Gaming System and can operate in a number of modes of operation.

Excalibur can be tied into a standard bingo ball console to provide game information to the Arcade Gaming and Bingo Wizard clients and our Virtual Flashboards.  The bingo console can be commercially available machines or our own proprietary bingo console.

Excalibur can also be used separately from the Arcade Gaming System to be used as a stand-alone system - with or without use of a bingo ball console.  System can operate with its own Random Number Generation (RNG) for drawing of the balls in stand-alone mode.

In addition, Excalibur also serves as a bingo card verification system.  Verification can be displayed on our Virtual Flashboards or printed on to hard copy format.  All common commercially available bingo cards along with our own proprietary set can be verified.  Verification includes:

  • Verification of the bingo card.
  • Time-date stamp and order of the balls called for the game.
  • Log of all balls called for each and every session.
  • Customer designed configuration of the bingo card displayed to the players.

Excalibur also provides live game information via video outputs to our Virtual Flashboards.  Our Virtual Flashboards come in a variety of form factors using commercially available High Definition TVs (HDTVs 1920 x 1080 resolution).  The system can also accommodate projection systems as well. 

The system will accommodate three different Virtual Flashboard layouts:

  • Full Flashboard that will display a regular flashboard, patterns in play, name of the pattern, payout amount, web cam feed for next ball to be called and a scrolling message to be used in making announcements to your players.
  • Partial Flashboard that will display a regular flashboard, patterns in play, name of the pattern and payout amount. 
  • Web Cam where a web cam feed is provided to display the next ball to be called. 

In addition to using the system for bingo-playing purposes the TVs can also accommodate inputs to broadcast other video input such as TV programs, sporting events and other presentations.


  • Newer Technology
  • Impressive Graphics
  • Less Cost - fully equip your hall at a fraction of the cost it would take to equip with standard light bulb flashboards which always seem to have burned out light bulbs.   One standard flashboard will cost a bingo hall anywhere from $2,000 to $5000 depending on whether the device is use or brand new.  A 60-inch HDTV will have a typical cost of about $800.  A high-intensity projection system will cost $2500 to $4000.
  • Perfect for sites such as clubs, fraternals, bars, social centers, retirement communities and nursing facilities or for those that play infrequently.
  • Software application can be provided at a nominal one-time licensing fee for the lifetime use of your organization.