Bingo In A Box

Our Bingo In A Box™ system is an innovative way to deliver Electronic Bingo to your players.  It was designed for quick and easy setup, use and tear down as needed.

Perfect for those sites that have a small crowd base, clubs, fraternals, bars, social centers, retirement communities, at home with family or for those that play infrequently and cannot otherwise install or get conventional Electronic Bingo equipment.


Key System Features

  • Simple setups can literally be prepared and shipped to the End User, ready to go, right out of the box!
  • Easy to setup, use and tear down as needed
  • Can be used with just player terminals in its simplest setup
  • Modular Design - Additional functionality such as our Excalibur Calling Stand and MICROS Point of Sale (POS) can be added at anytime
  • Designed to target smaller crowds, the system can be expanded to accommodate larger crowd sizes
  • Ability to be used with "player-owned" devices such as smart phones and web tablets serving as player terminals
  • System is self-contained and requires no Internet service to play Bingo
  • Flexible pricing options


Key Player Terminal Features

  • Can operate with most any commercially available Android device with versions 4.4 or greater
  • iOS compatibility coming soon!
  • Independent of most screen sizes and can operate with as small as a 7-inch or as large as is commercially available
  • You select the player terminal to be used based upon your needs and budget
  • Ability to play in Manual, Full Auto-Daub or Partial Auto-Daub modes
  • Multiple Card Views to display 1, 3, 4, 6, 9 or 16 cards depending on screen size
  • Provides for 22 different dauber shapes
  • Friendly and easy to follow User Interface is compatible with our 75-Number Arcade Terminals