White Labeling


The Arcade Gaming System is available to our partners as a White Label solution to partners who are interested in rebranding our software under the partner’s own name and domain name of choice.

A White Label solution allows participating partners to use their own unique branding to offer an electronic bingo solution without investing in the cost to develop their own proprietary solution.



  •  It is quick and easy.  As a participating partner, you will be free from concerns about expending resources on development and testing.  Just add your branding and identity and stick with your core competencies.
  • It saves you time and money.  Developing a proprietary solution from scratch takes a large amount of financial and human resources along with a lot of time.  While a proprietary solution may seem at the outset to be the best path, you may quickly find out that the effort derails internal business and busts budgets.  Even if you think you can build it yourself, it is important to factor in time to market.  Remember the time it takes for architecture, design, building and testing of the solution.  If you require a fast deployment, cutting corners in any of these steps can leave you even further behind.  When time is of the essence, investing in our existing solution may be more cost-effective in the end.
  • Stick with your core competency.  Why “reinvent the wheel” trying to build your own proprietary solution?  In many cases, the solution that you hope to build will fall well outside of your areas of expertise not to mention exposing yourself to mistakes that others have already made and overcome.